Self care Sunday- yay!

Self care Sunday- yay!

Self care Sunday- yay! We spend the entire week on things we have to do rather than want to, meeting to office to class to obligation. Then we spend our weekends doing more things we have to …. This birthday party, that errand.. Things that just add to our stress.

Many of the weekend things we do for fun, like Sunday brunches or night’s out, actually just leave us feeling exhausted(both energetically and financially.) We enter the week feeling more exhausted than ever and feeling like someone pressed repeat, until the next weekend. That’s no way to live our lives.

Sundays should be sacred.
Rejuvenating. Healing. Empowering.

It’s time to take some time for yourself. Slow down, do something you love, something to rejuvenate your energy and make you feel awesome. Here are some self-care Sunday ideas.

1. Have a gorgeous bubble bath with some essential oils. A relaxing bath is the best way to unwind after a hectic day or even week, but what’s even better is enhancing the experience with essential oils hand picked for your mood and needs.

2. Do some Yoga. It’s a great stress reliever. You can do yoga in your living room or even take a class. Yoga is a surprising but effective way to boost your brain power. Try asanas like the plow pose, bridge pose, big toe pose, and inversions like the shoulder stand to increase blood circulation and oxygen flow to the brain. Try asanas like the lotus pose to reduce stress and calm your mind. It let you exhale negative energy of the past week and inhale positive energy for the week to come!

3. Do a body scrub! The daily ritual of a proper skincare routine is a healthy step in self care. But let’s get real; our weeks can sometimes get so busy that we haven’t spent enough time taking care of ourselves, and our skin. Self care is all about giving yourself moments that can improve your self-esteem, mood, and overall well-being. I encourage you to put aside a few minutes on a Sunday (or whenever you have some downtime) to give your skin the little extra love it needs. One of my favourite ways to do this is weekly exfoliation. Nothing beats the feeling of soft, beautiful skin.

4. Watch a movie that make you laugh! Laughter is the best medicine!! After a good laugh, everything seems possible. So make some popcorn and put on your pyjamas and watch a movie on your own or with your family.

5. Go take a hike. This is perfect to clear your head. The fresh air will do you wonders. There is lots of hiking trails in Gauteng. Take a look at the link below!

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